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FAR Out! Why Every Federal Marketing Manager Should Double-Check Against the Federal Acquisition Regulations

Hey there, champs of the federal marketing world! Today, we’re taking a deep dive into a topic that might sound as thrilling as watching paint dry but trust us—it’s the blockbuster of our industry. Enter: the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Isn’t FAR that incredibly detailed, somewhat tedious document that someone somewhere once mentioned?” Yes, and more! But before you let out a groan, hear me out. Ensuring your proposal aligns with FAR is like ensuring your parachute opens mid-jump. It’s kind of essential.

1. Why Double-Check Against FAR?

A. Saves Time (and Headaches!): Imagine putting hours, days, or even weeks into a proposal, only to have it thrown out because you overlooked a minor detail. Bummer, right? Checking against FAR ensures your hard work doesn’t go straight into the recycle bin.

B. Keep Those Dollars Rolling: Compliance with FAR means your proposal stands a better chance of being accepted.

C. Reputation Booster: Delivering compliant proposals consistently shows you’re serious and trustworthy. With It’s A Go in your corner, you’re set to shine as a beacon of knowledge in the federal proposal process!

2. So, How to Check Against FAR?

A. Know Where to Look: Start by familiarizing yourself with the FAR website. It’s user-friendly and a treasure trove of guidelines.

B. Create a Checklist: Distill the key FAR points relevant to your proposal into a handy checklist. Each time you have a proposal ready, just tick those boxes!

C. Double, Triple, Quadruple Check: One look is good. Two looks are better. And three? Well, you get the idea. A keen eye catches the small stuff, and in the world of federal contracts, the small stuff is BIG.

3. Particulars to Watch Out For

A. Scope and Objectives: Ensure that your proposal’s aims align neatly with the solicitation’s scope and objectives. No square pegs in round holes, folks!

B. Price Reasonableness: Too low might be seen as cutting corners; too high might break the bank. Strike that goldilocks zone of “just right.”

C. Technical Specifications: This is where It’s A Go shines! We ensure your highly technical content is accurate and meets the stringent federal standards.

D. Timelines and Deadlines: Time waits for no one, especially not federal contracts! Be punctual and precise.

So, fellow marketers, while FAR might seem like just another acronym in our jargon-filled world, it’s a game-changer. If you need a partner to navigate the maze, remember: It’s A Go Pursuits is always up for the task! We answer the phone, we deliver unparalleled service, and we make FAR fun (well, as fun as it can be).

Until next time, keep those proposals flying high! 🚀

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