What’s really important is… how do you win the work under this contract? Just because you’re an IDIQ (Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity) contract holder, you’re not guaranteed to get the work. If you snooze, you lose (or worse yet, you won’t even be considered).

If you’re not seeing work under your current IDIQ, here are five questions to ask yourself.

1) How well do you know your client? When was the last time you reached out to them? Or if you are a subconsultant on a team, when was the last time you discussed a strategy with the Prime?

2) What is your plan to be your client’s go-to? What have you done to prove that they can trust you and your work? Do they even know your name? If task order awards under the IDIQ are disproportionately awarded, this is why. Your competitor knows how to sell, price, serve, and talk to the client.

3) Speaking of competition… do you even know who your competition is? What are they offering? How have they differentiated themselves? What are they doing to position themselves in front of the client?

4) What’s your marketing plan? You have to show up! Build brand awareness, attend industry events, and become a thought leader. This is where the marketing magic should happen. BUILD A STRATEGY!

5) Is your capabilities statement up to par? This includes past performance, resumes, reports, and CPARS. Again, if you are blessed with a marketing team, demand to have this at the ready! If you don’t have a marketing team, call me!

IDIQs are NOT easy to win, so if you have one, you have work to do. Sitting around waiting for a task order, shooting off numbers, half-assing your responses, and then crossing your fingers isn’t going to get you far in this market.

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